Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well done Ireland !

Ireland gave a good run for India in the ongoing ICC World Cup today. It was not a smooth sailing for India. Few wickets in the initial stage still make them too cautious.

India though won the game comfortably, took the same amount of overs to get the runs. Had they scored quickly, they could have proved that they are good. Of course, not loosing wickets is also important.

The Irish spinners were good. I don't know why Ashwin is not selected and Piyush taken. Anyway, Yuvaraj did a good job with the ball and later with the bat.

It is a new World Cup record - a player scoring 50+ and 5 wickets in a match. Kapil was bit closer in 1983. But now the record is against the name of Yuvaraj.

The why, why of the game...yes, the YY...Yusuf & Yuvaraj completed the formalities. Yusuf showed how to play without fear by smashing 2 sixes and a 4 in the first 5 balls he faced.

For those who paid for the tickets, it was an interesting and good match and can leave the ground with joy. However, monday blues are waiting.

Happy week ahead.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another edition of World Cup started in a big way!

The opening ceremony of the ICC World Cup (Cricket) has started in a big way. Soon, it will overtake the Filmfare, Grammy, Oscar award ceremony and also Olympic opening ceremony.

Earlier, cricket used to be a sport. But, now it is more of entertainment, money-spinning, betting and fashion show.

In 2003 world cup ad - Sachin featured for Pepsi. In 2011 he appears for Coke. Who knows he may not even drink Coke or Pepsi but only BOOST !!! So, does this mean that Pepsi is not good and Coke is good? If you really look at is we the fools, who pay for the advertisement (as it is a part of the cost of the drink).

Dhoni's comment that the players are streched too much is correct. They have to act, do fashion shows and in between play cricket & party too.

All TV channels looking at increasing their TRP and fighting to get something or the other to get the viewership & advertisement.

Am sure with this world cup, our economy will do well ! GDP will increase, as we have :
  • more foreigners visiting India
  • more advertisements - good for media companies
  • good for advertisement consultants
  • good for players - more money
  • good for BCCI - more collection
Hope it does not though up any scam like the CommonWealth Games!

What about the sportsmaniac?
  • Forego the exam study
  • Spend money to watch it in the stadium
  • Electricity charges
  • Those who do not get the channel, cough up for the program
  • I started counting the advertisements, but gave up after 5 mins.
Yes, of course, I still enjoy watching the game, but not that keen. Now that it is more of an entertainment, I prefer T20 than an ODI. Test matches? Whaaaaaaat? It is there in the cricinfo, mobile etc., so just check whenever you want. Who has the time to watch a test match?

That said, all the above vanished, as I see India in a stronger position in the opening game against Bangladesh. As I write, Bangladesh started loosing its tail enders.

Enjoy the ICC World Cup!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A story on love - on the valentines day

It’s another morning..…..  Again I have to go to office..
Ohh, this is me… I shouted having a glance on my snap in today’s news paper.   

But what the HELL it is doing in the death column??    Strange…   
One sec... Let me think, last night when I was going to bed I had a severe pain in my chest, but I don’t remember anything after that, I think I had a sound sleep.
Its morning now, ohh….. It’s already 10:00 AM, where is my coffee?
I will be late for office and my boss will get a chance to irritate me.    Where is everyone…??? I screamed.    “I think there is a crowed outside my room, let me check.” I said to myself.    So many people….. Not all of them crying…    But why some of them crying…    WHAT IS THIS??? I m laying there on the floor…    “I AM HERE” … I shouted!!! No one listen.  “LOOK I AM NOT DEAD” … I screamed once again!!! No one is interested in me.  They all were looking me on the bed.I went back to my bed room.    “Am I dead??”  I asked myself.Where is my wife, my children, my mom-DAD, my friends?I found them in the next room, all of them were crying… still trying to console each other.My wife was crying… she was really looking sad.  My little kid was not sure what happened, but he was crying just coz his mom was sad.    How can I go without saying my kid that I really love him, I really do care of him. ??  How can I go without saying my wife that she is really most beautiful and most caring wife in this world..??    How can I go without saying my parents that I m … just because of u ??    How can I go without telling my friends that without them perhaps I have done most of the wrong things in my life… thanks for being there always when I need them… and sorry for not being there when they really need me..    I can see a person standing in the corner and trying to hide his tears…    Ohh… he was once my best friend, but a small misunderstanding made us part, and we both have strong enough ego to keep us disconnect.    I went there.. And offered him my hand, “Dear friend… I just want to say sorry for everything, we r still best friend, please forgive me.”  No response from other side, what the hell?? He is still preserving his ego, I am saying sorry… even then!!!    I really don’t care for such people.    But one sec…. it seems he is not able to see me!!!! He did not see my extended hand.  My goodness…  AM I REALLY DEAD???    I just sat down near ME; I was also feeling like crying…    “OH ALMIGHTY!!!! PLEASE JUST GIVE ME FEW MORE DAYS…”    I just wasn’t to make my wife, my parents; my friends realize that how much I love them.    My wife entered in the room, she looks beautiful.    “YOU R BEAUTIFUL” I shouted.    She didn’t hear my words, in fact she never heard these words coz I never said this to her.    “GOD!!!!” I screamed… a little more time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. .  I cried…
One more chance please… to hug my child, to make my mom smile just once, to feel my dad proud on me at least for a moment, to say sorry to my friends for everything I have not given to them, and thanks for still being in my life….
Then I looked up and cried!!!!I shouted….    “GOD!!!! ONE MORE CHANCE PLEASE!!!!”    "You shouted in your sleep," said my wife as she gently woke me up. "Did you have a nightmare?"I was sleeping….  Ohh that was just a dream….    My wife was there… she can hear me…    This is the happiest moment of my life…    I hugged her and whispered…. “U R THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND CARING WIFE IN THIS UNIVERSE…. I REALLY LOVE U DEAR”
I can’t understand the reason of the smile on her face with some tears in her eyes, still I m happy…. :)

So, Now it’s not late.... Forget your egos, past ...., and express your love to others …. Be friendly .… keep smiling and be happy for ever…